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ALKALINITY & AAV Test-Kits (Acid Acceptance Value) are used to monitor the quality of the Vapour-Degreasing solvents MEC™ Prime, TRIKLONE and PERKLONE

MEC™ Prime, PERKLONE™, TRIKLONE™ conforms to ASTM for Vapour-Degreasing processes

Banner Chemicals UK have now launched the ALKALINITY & AAV Test-Kit for their customers who use MEC™ Prime, TRIKLONE™ and PERKLONE™ in metal degreasing applications.

MEC™ Prime, PERKLONE™, TRIKLONE™ ASTM conforming products.

The ALKALINITY & AAV Test-Kits save customers time and costs by maintaining MEC™ Prime, PERKLONE™ and TRIKLONE™ to a high level of quality, and enabling a better degreasing process.

Methylene Chloride ( our branded product MEC™ Prime )

ALKALINITY & AAV (Acid Acceptance Value) Test-Kits

Key facts & figures:

Banner Chemicals offer MEC™ Prime, PERKLONE™ & TRIKLONE™ as:

AAV Test-Kit

MEC™-Prime - Prime Methylene Chloride, High purity, Pharmaceutical grade and Precision Cleaning product, offered by Banner Chemicals UK - the world's Sole Owner of Triklone & Perklone products

PERKLONE, TRIKLONE, MEC™ Prime are registered trademarks supplied GLOBALLY and EXCLUSIVELY by Banner Chemicals UK

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