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About Banner Chemicals UK

Prime Methylene Chloride is now available from the world’s Sole Owner of Triklone & Perklone products

Methylene Chloride ( our branded product MEC™ Prime )

Prime Methylene Chloride – Pharmaceutical grade highest purity ! Just added to the chlorinated range of the world’s sole Owner of Triklone & Perklone TM products

MEC™ Prime – High purity, Pharmaceutical use

MEC™ Prime Prime Methylene Chloride, for precision cleaning product, offered by Banner Chemicals UK – the world’s Sole Owner of Triklone & Perklone products

MEC™ Prime – Industries use:

The Banner Chemicals Group over 150 years of experience in the chemical industry.

Our history traces back to the original formation of Samuel Banner & Co Ltd in Liverpool at 1860 (by Mr. Samuel Banner – the founder).

Banner Chemicals UK is a leading chemical supplier & distributor based in the UK.

Banner Chemicals UK supply an extensive range of solvents and specialty chemicals to chosen market sectors with a large client base.

Key to our ethos is the close partnership that we embrace with our customers and the world-class chemical producers we represent.

Methylene Chloride (our brand name: MEC™ Prime), is another chlorinated solvent of Banner Chemicals UK.

Banner Chemicals UK, is a member of 2M Holdings Group of Companies, a member of the Omni-Chem [136] Alliance, , EPCA, FECC, participate at AFPM, NACD & more.


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MEC™-Prime - Prime Methylene Chloride, High purity, Pharmaceutical grade and Precision Cleaning product, offered by Banner Chemicals UK - the world's Sole Owner of Triklone & Perklone products

PERKLONE, TRIKLONE, MEC™ Prime are registered trademarks supplied GLOBALLY and EXCLUSIVELY by Banner Chemicals UK

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