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Product name

Methylene Chloride Prime; MEC™ Prime

Product Information

Methylene Chloride

Synonyms: Dichloromethane (DCM) / Methylene Dichloride

Abbreviations: MEC, MC, Meth-Chlor, MECL, MCL

Chemical Formula: CH2Cl2

Molecular Mass: 84.94

Chinese (中文名称)name: 二氯甲烷

Arabic( كلوريد )name: الميثيلين

CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service) Number: 75-09-2

Properties: Colorless, Non-Flammable, Non-Exclusive, Heavier than water & air

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Product Information

MEC™-Prime - Prime Methylene Chloride, High purity, Pharmaceutical grade and Precision Cleaning product, offered by Banner Chemicals UK - the world's Sole Owner of Triklone & Perklone products

PERKLONE, TRIKLONE, MEC™ Prime are registered trademarks supplied GLOBALLY and EXCLUSIVELY by Banner Chemicals UK

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