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MEC™ Prime – Banner Chemicals UK is proud to launch the new range of METHYLENE CHLORIDE PRIME products

  1. MEC™ Prime – Methylene Chloride Prime, High purity, PHARMACEUTICAL, FOOD & FEED grade

Meets the Requirements: Food Chemical Codex (FCC), ACS Specification, ASTM Specification & National Formulary

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  1. MEC™ Prime – Methylene Chloride Prime, precision cleaning, DEGREASING grade

To enables customers to receive a full range of degreasing products (along with Triklone N, LE & Perklone MD) we also developed, at Banner Chemicals UK, VAPOR DEGREASING GRADE of our PRIME METHYLENE CHLORIDE.

Methylene Chloride Prime DEGREASING GRADE is an Extra stabilised ASTM precision cleaning product, offered together with its unique ALKALINITY & AAV (Acid Acceptance Value) TEST KIT



Banner Chemicals exclusively produce and supply all grades of METHYLENE CHLORIDE PRIME, PERKLONE and TRIKLONE brands, Including MEC Prime PHARMA , MEC Prime DEGREASING,TRIKLONE™ N, TRIKLONE™ LE, PERKLONE™ MD, PERKLONE D & DX PLUS and PERKLONE™ EXT



MEC-Prime – Prime Methylene Chloride, for precision cleaning product, offered by Banner Chemicals UK – the world’s Sole Owner of Triklone & Perklone products

PERKLONE, TRIKLONE are registered trademarks supplied GLOBALLY and EXCLUSIVELY by Banner Chemicals UK